Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I know I NEED to update, and I'm determined to get that done today, but I wanted to take a few moments to post some links here that I'm finding value in.

First, I've posted this before, but Brightly Beaming Resources is the current plan we're using in homeschooling our 3 year old. So far, it's going great. When I pictured myself beginning to teach our daughter, the things in this plan are what I pictured...simple ideas, shapes, colors, letters, and numbers. This curriculum has simply given me ideas and ways to achieve what I'd already figured I'd be doing.

Here's a site, A Magical Childhood, that I bookmarked awhile ago and recently stumbled across again. It's full of fun crafts to do with children. I'm sure we'll be exploring some of these soon.

When I first started researching curriculums, I came across this list of grades and what the standards are for each of them. It's something I read over from time to time just to refresh myself on what things to stress when talking with Elsie. We don't necessarily focus on many of these things in our lessons, but we're learning and discovering them together while we play.

Another great learning resource is Starfall. The focus is on learning to read, but there are other activities there as well that you could easily incorporate into whatever you're studying. I'll probably be looking into this site more as I start thinking more about teaching Elsie to read. Am I brave or what?

In my neverending search for coloring book pages, I use the site, Enchanted Learning, often so I thought I'd share it with you. I've also used Preschool Express and the blog, No Time For Flashcards, to glean ideas from.

Two other sites I've spent some time on are homeschooling advocate sites, the HSLDA as well as NHEN. Both sites have a wealth of information and can probably answer a lot of questions for anyone.

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Thanks for all these great tips!