Monday, August 25, 2008

Week 5: Monday

I've got drafts that I need to finish up for last week, but I want to try and get back on track with posting as well so I'm starting with today. Elsie woke up this morning acting like a kangaroo so I impulsively decided to make them our theme for the week. Since our printer has gone from printing blotchy to light to not at all, we're still improvising. Jason has been kind enough to print me out a few pages at work ahead of time but since the kangaroo thing is spur of the moment, we're getting creative.

I made her a kangaroo pouch out of a receiving blanket, and she dubbed her baby doll Riley Roo. She's been hopping around for a couple of hours now, and I've had to readjust her kangaroo pouch countless times, but she's having a ton of fun. Here's Elsie the Kangaroo.

I made our vocabulary word joey, a baby kangaroo. I also found some coloring pages I'll ask Jason to print out and bring home so we'll have to share those another day.

Our scripture for the week is 1John 1:5-God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.

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