Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Week 3: Wednesday

Today, our letter for the day is the letter C. We colored a letter, and then we practiced drawing some. The C is a lot easier to draw than A or B so Elsie did a great job, and we've got a whole wipe-off board full of the letter C to show Daddy when he gets home. In the last couple of weeks, she's really taken an interest in writing letters...practicing on her Doodle Pro during playtime...she's drawn the letters B, C, D, J, L, O, P, T, U, and V all on her own.

After that, we walked around the house and found things that start with the letter C like her Cat picture from Monday, Claira, a Care Bear, a Cup, and a Candle. Now, Elsie's having Cookies for a snack while she watches the Letter Factory.


~aj~ said...

I am CRAZY impressed that Elsie can write letters on her own. Adam won't even let me teach him how to hold a writing utensil the right way!

Carmen Rae said...

Oh look at Elsie go!!! And, your children are absolutely beautiful!! I will be checking back daily to see Elsie's progress! It's really motivating me to get started with Elliott! Thanks for sharing your experiences here!!! (and for sharing your blog with me)

Carmen :)