Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Week 3: Monday

Our theme for the week: CATS!

We had a lot of fun pretending to be kittens...meowing, purring, and snuggling together.

We also introduced our new Bible scripture today, which I had meant to be doing on Friday's, but since I wanted one to practice the first week, I introduced it on Monday, and it seems to be stuck there. Oh well. Do what works for you, I say. Anyway, Elsie did not do nearly as well with her second scripture as she did the first. She still knows the first very well, but everytime I've wanted to practice Colossians 4:2, she reverts back to Genesis 1:1...which is okay with me for right now. Part of starting this so early is wanting to get a good grip on everything and figuring out what our strengths and weaknesses are without any pressure to just get it done and do it right (now).

On the other side of things, I had picked the scripture in Colossians specifically because I wanted to focus more on thankfulness. Elsie can often be found throwing a fit over having to leave...Chuck E. Cheese or some other fun outing we've done. I realize that those are times that she's probably tired so I don't want to place too much weight on them, but I'd like for it to be a short-lived phase anyway. I want our children to be thankful for what they've been given. When they've been blessed with a fun afternoon, I want to hear, "Thank you! I had so much fun" rather than their screams and the sound of their shoes hitting the pavement as we drag them to the car. Hopefully, someone out their can relate. Anyway, we talked a lot about thankfulness this week, and I was able to make Elsie aware of how blessed she is by explaining that not all children live in a home like we do. We were watching Sesame Street earlier this week, and there was a little segment with a little boy from another country...his house had dirt floors. Elsie told me that it was gross so we talked more about how blessed we are to live in a country where it's normal for us and all of our friends to have nice, soft, clean carpet on the floor. Last night, as we talked about getting ready for bathtime, she said, "Not all kids have towels? right Mommy." She was shocked when I told her that not all kids have bathtubs and some of them have to bathe outside in a lake or river. This is turning into a longer post than I intended, but my point is that she may not have memorized a scripture this week but she did seem to gain a bit of an understanding about thankfulness, which I'm grateful for.

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~aj~ said...

I think it's wonderful that you helped teach Elsie how blessed she is!

It's one thing for them to memorize a Scripture (which I think is still fantastic), but it's even better when they actually have an understanding of what it means.

Great lesson!